Residency Programs

In-Depth Artist Residencies


A4LSD Residencies bring consistency and depth to the arts learning process by connecting teaching artists and students for 6 to 32 weeks, in the context of a classroom or after-school program. Artists actively engage students in dynamic arts programs by cultivating their imagination, critical thinking, and other invaluable 21st Century Skills. We invite students to grow, discover unexpected talents, cultivate persistence, and shine artistically in front of their class, school, family and community.

     Artist Residencies can occur either:

  • In-School - during the school day with classroom teacher present

  • After-School - through an artist-led club or through a 6 to 6 program sponsored by PrimeTime, Boys & Girls Club, or Harmonium.


  • We customize each residency program with the School Principal, Program Director, and/or Classroom Teachers to meet your specific curricular and budgetary needs.


  • Our residencies offer students (Pre-K through 12th grade) the opportunity to explore elements of an art form in depth and connect with a professional teaching artist from the San Diego community.




  • Our residency programs can be designed to include family engagement events, student culminating performances/exhibits, or other A4LSD programs such as Assembly Programs and Family Arts Nights.


  • Principals and classroom teachers can use the residency to learn how to infuse their daily teaching practice with creativity and innovation.


  • Booking Minimum: Artist Residencies must be booked for a minimum of 6 weeks for a minimum of 3 consecutive classes (45-60 minutes) per day.  We cannot send an artist to teach 1-2 classes. Teaching artists can teach between 3-6 classes per day depending on space & schedule.

Customized Programs


To support your school or program learning goals, our Residency Programs Manager will work closely with your site staff and A4LSD teaching artists to develop programs that:


  • Provide students with arts education of the highest quality.

  • Make strong connections between the arts and other areas of the curriculum, as desired.

  • Explore relevant school-wide, cultural or curricular themes.

  • Engage students with a variety of learning styles and diverse backgrounds.

  • Invite students to grow, discover unexpected talents, work through challenges with more persistence and determination, and shine artistically in front of their class, school, family, and community.


Need Help? Please review this document to guide the planning of your residency.


If you would like to partner with A4LSD and develop an arts program at your school, please complete the ART-IN-EDUCATION Assessment Form and email to Deirdre Moore at We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Residency Pricing


Arts Education $65 per class*

Arts Integration $70 per class*

Planning Meetings $35 per hour

Student Culminating Events $195-390


Residencies can be anywhere between 6 to 32 weeks, with 1-hour classes 1-2x per week. We recommend booking your dance residency for a minimum of 12 weeks, launching it with a Family Arts event and a Student Culminating Performance at the end.

To start planning a residency program at your school or community site, contact the Residency Programs Manager Deirdre Moore at (619) 282-7599 x118 or by email:


*Classes run 45-60 minutes, depending on age group. Please note that a minimum of three consecutive classes per day are required for booking residencies. Additional fees to cover cost of art supplies, costumes or travel costs may also apply. (ex. $1-$4 per student for a Visual Art Supplies Budget).

Artistic residencies can bring out the “A” in STEAM through any of the art forms listed below. Visit our STEAM page to see some recent STEAM program highlights and imagine how to add some STEAM to your school.

Residency Art Forms

Creativity and movement form the core of A4LSD dance residencies. Students delve into basic elements of dance, recognizing their bodies as vehicles for expression and communication through time, space, and energy. Dance residencies encourage motor skill development, concentration, self-expression, confidence & personal style, and problem solving as individuals and in groups. Team work is developed through dance composition, choreography and improvisation.


We have a diverse roster of dance teaching artists that can visit your school! These professional artists specialize in a wide range of dance styles including Ballet, Ballroom Dance, Creative Movement, Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Jazz, Modern and Musical Theatre. Cultural Dance Forms include West African, Afro-Cuban, Classical Indian Dance, Capoeira and Salsa. Arts Integration Residencies are also available in most Dance disciplines.

Choose from:

STEAM: Dancing Patterns

Ballet Folklórico

West African


Classical Indian Dance



Japanese Folk Dance

Modern Dance

Musical Theatre

Creative Movement

Hip Hop


Poetry & Spoken Word

Choose from:


Spoken Word

Personal Narratives


Creative Writing


Lyrical Non-Fiction

Creative writing, poetry, spoken word, storytelling, playwriting… these residencies cultivate an excitement for language, deepen and enhance literacy skills, and always provide a positive medium for self-expression. A4LSD spoken word artists and poets approach the literary arts from a variety of perspectives, emphasizing the development of personal narrative. Students find and use their voice in the classroom and on-stage in front of the school or their families; through this process students build their sense of confidence, while exploring kind ways of describing the world around them.


We have a diverse roster of literary teaching artists that can visit your school! These professional artists specialize in a wide range of poetry/spoken word styles including Creative Writing, Fiction, Lyrical Non-Fiction, Personal Narratives, Playwriting, Poetry, Spoken Word, and Poetic Performance. Arts Integration Residencies are also available in the Poetry and Spoken Word Disciplines.


Music residencies focus on instrumental and/or vocal music and feature a wide range of classical, traditional and cultural styles. Students learn to appreciate the power of music – social, culturally, and individually – by listening to, analyzing and composing music. As students engage in making music, they practice phonetic skills that help develop language and literacy, while learning the language of rhythm and melody intertwined.


We have a diverse roster of music teaching artists that can visit your school! These professional artists specialize in a wide range of music styles including Introduction to Music, African Rhythm & Percussion, Brazilian Rhythm & Percussion, Classical Music Appreciation, General Music Appreciation, Jazz History and Evolution, Musical Theatre, Show Choir, Song Writing, and World Music through Percussion (Drums Without Borders). A4LSD teaching artists include music education through the use of instruments such as drums, bells, rhythm sticks, boom whackers, flutophones, ukuleles, guitar, piano and xylophone. Arts Integration is also available in Music Disciplines.

Choose from:

STEAM: Math through Music

Introduction to Music

Jazz History and Evolution

African Rhythm & Percussion
Brazilian Rhythm & Percussion
Classical Music Appreciation
General Music Appreciation
Musical Theater
Show Choir
Song Writing
World Music through Percussion


Choose from:

STEAM: Team Solutions
Public Speaking
Creative Dramatics
Movement for Actors
Musical Theatre
Play Production
Shakespeare Study

Theatre residencies are dynamic and engaging for students of all learning styles; they can include a diverse range of exploratory activities and skill-building from acting to improvisation. Reflecting on their own experiences, students express ideas and feelings by participating in theatrical warm-ups, games & exercises, reading and interpreting plays, folk-tales and creating their own stories. Theatre classes help students improve literacy skills, build group cooperation, take risks, develop presentation and public speaking skills, and expand their powers of observation and imagination.


We have a diverse roster of theatre teaching artists that can visit your school! These professional artists specialize in a wide range of theatre styles including Acting Technique, Creative Dramatics & Play, Improvisation, Pantomime, Monologues, Movement for Actors, Musical Theatre, Play Production, Puppetry, and Shakespeare Study. Arts Integration Residencies are also available in Theatre Disciplines.

Visual Art

Visual Art residencies introduce students to various media, materials and styles of visual expression. Students discover their own means of visual articulation while learning to interpret aesthetic and historical ideas. Experimenting with different cultures and artists, and engaging in group discussion and reflection can awaken a passion for learning and the arts. As students engage in visual art making and creation, they are faced with challenges and choice making and build the capacity to make decisions and solve problems through the process


We have a diverse roster of visual art teaching artists that can visit your school! These professional artists specialize in a wide range of visual art styles including Drawing, Collage, Comic Book Illustration, Book-Making, Fiber Arts, Found Object Art, Mask Making, Mural Making, Painting, Printmaking, Puppet-Making, Recycled Art, Sculpture, and Visual Art Fundamentals. Arts Integration Residencies are also available in Visual Art Disciplines

Choose from:

STEAM: Scientific illustration
Visual Art Fundamentals 
Comic Book Illustration
Fiber Arts
Found Object Art
Mask Making
Mural Making
Recycled Art

Arts Integration

A4LSD has teaching artists in all the major art forms who specialize in arts integration, including Visual Art, Dance, Poetry, Music and Theatre. These integrated programs allow students to experience academic content through the lens of art, while building creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. A4LSD arts integration residencies can follow a co-teaching model with the classroom teacher or rely more heavily on our artists’ knowledge of both their art form and the targeted academic standards (CCSS, NGSS, or the California History-Social Science Standards). Artists can also provide workshops for teachers to increase their comfort level with the arts and integrating the arts with academic subjects.

• Common Core State    

  Standards: ELA &


• Next Generation Science


• California History-Social

  Science Standards

• The Framework for 21st

  Century Learning


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