"Envisioning a world where all students, families, and communities imagine, create and thrive through the arts."

Since 1963, Arts for Learning San Diego has been dedicated to advocating and providing arts education through an extraordinary range of high-quality in-school and community programming.



Arts for Learning San Diego offers programs that inspire young people

to achieve their full potential through the arts. 



Arts for Learning San Diego Believes the Arts…


  • Are a reflection of the human spirit; having the unique ability to express the deepest parts of human creativity, achievement, and communication

  • Inspire self-confidence, build critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and have a positive impact on student’s ability to learn, think, and function effectively as adults

  • Allows students to develop self-discipline and important social, cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills

  • Expose young people to many cultures and viewpoints, fostering ethnic pride and intercultural understanding


Arts for Learning San Diego Adheres to the Following Guiding Principles:

We believe that the arts and artists are essential community resources that deserve sustained advocacy and long-term investment.  


We train and commission artists of all disciplines to engage directly with diverse communities through vibrant partnerships at the individual, family, school, and community level.  


We ignite the collective imagination of San Diego, and inspire generations of change makers.


Young Audiences National was founded sixty years ago by individuals who believed that exposure to music through live performances should be an important part of educating children. From this modest beginning in Baltimore six decades ago, Young Audiences has expanded into a national network of 30 affiliates and is the nation’s largest provider of arts-in-education experiences and an innovator in professional development.

Young Audiences Arts for Learning has accomplished so much and has a rich and prominent history from the establishing of the National Young Audiences Week in 1971 to winning the National Medal of Arts Award in 2004. Last year alone, Young Audiences’ programs reached five million students in our nation’s schools through performances, workshops and residency programs in music, theatre, dance and visual, literary and digital arts.

We continue to push forward and bring the arts into classrooms and community centers across the United States. And we are more committed than ever to the service of our parents and teachers and to teach a fourth generation of our nation's schoolchildren about the arts.  Our vision for Young Audiences goes beyond simply providing quality arts-in-education programs – but to inspire young people and to expand their learning through the arts, so that they can lead healthy, fulfilling and productive lives.

Arts for Learning San Diego 

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Arts for Learning San Diego is a nonprofit organization classified under the IRS code 501(c)(3) 

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