STEAM education introduces the ideas of creating and designing across fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the arts. Arts for Learning provides young minds with the opportunity to tangibly experience and develop their own abilities in investigation and critical thinking while discovering the fundamentals of science. 

STEAM encourages students to become innovators by developing their natural curiosity, while learning collaboration and problem solving. While practicing these skills in fun and engaging art-based activities, students build skills that are transferable to other academic pursuits. STEAM is a result of the understanding that art and science share the desire to understand and interpret the world around them in new and unique ways.

STEAM programs emphasize the following academic strengths, identified by the Next Generation Science Standards:

     ●  Educated Curiosity Inquiry
     ●  Communication and Collaboration
     ●  Innovation and Creativity
     ●  Modeling and Design
     ●  Understanding of Patterns
     ●  Use of Comparisons and Analogy
     ●  Obtaining and Evaluating Information
     ●  Process Oriented Investigation
     ●  Problem Solving


STEAM education is available in the following formats:

     ●  Residences
     ●  Workshops
     ●  Assemblies
     ●  Family Arts Nights

Scientific inquiry is emphasized throughout various A4LSD projects!

Programs that feature modeling work integrated with elementary curriculum as students are learning to analyze and interpret the world around them through visual aids. Students in 3rd grade develop 3D sculpture dioramas interpreting the Dr.Seuss book “The Lorax.”

Recognition and use of patterns in space is equally valued in among the sciences as a fundamental concepts. Students at in 4th Grade demonstrate the use of patterns in space during their hip hop dance performance.

Abstract art uniquely strengthens and familiarizes the use of analogy to understand and draw relationships between scientific principles in the classroom. Kindergarten students create mixed media art to describe and understand the world around them.

Art programs provides children with open-ended spaces to understand the limitless nature of ideas. Young dancers experiment with their “blank canvas” of the dance studio space while creating movement based on a single idea.

Art fosters a personalized interest in the complexity of the world around them, encouraging academic pursuit in science among America’s youth. 4th & 5th Grade students create watercolor and oil pastel illustrations of different flora and fauna in their natural habitat

Hands-on experience teaches children that they have the ability to create with purpose and insight.

Music demonstrates the beauty of collaboration and encourages students to work together to complete projects. Music students from various elementary schools come together to play drums in the same musical performance.

The arts provide opportunities for children to freely communicate opinions and ideas. Students discuss their progress, share learnings and celebrate discoveries.

The intention of A4LSD STEAM programming is to stimulate and build interest in Critical Thinking and inquiry-based problem solving. For more information on STEM and NGSS, visit

STEAM Programming is available as a hybrid with any art form, including visual art, dance, music, poetry, theatre and media arts.

For more information on STEAM WORKSHOPS, ASSEMBLIES and FAMILY ARTS NIGHTS, contact Sherrie Brown, Community Programs Manager,, (619) 282-7599 x114.

For more information on STEAM RESIDENCIES, contact Natalia Valerdi-Rogers, Residency Programs Manager,, (619) 282-7599 x118.

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