Discovery Programs 

We Bring Live Performances to Your School


Our performances are currently on hiatus until we can gather again. 

Arts for Learning San Diego will curate an on-site experience for your students in a range of genres. These presentations are designed to spark imagination, inspire creativity, and support classroom academics through a performing arts experience. Our roster of diverse Performing Artists brings music, dance, theater, and storytelling to students throughout San Diego county.


Performances: Live Music, Theater, Dance, and Storytelling 

We offer in-school assemblies that connect educational content to age-appropriate performances. Our high-quality artists offer programs in a variety of genres that reflect the diversity of our community.

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Workshops: Hands-on Arts Experiences 

Hands-on workshops are offered for classrooms (up to 35 students maximum) to participate in 50-minute interactive sessions, focusing on the exploration of dance, music, storytelling, theater, mime, visual art, or STEAM-related topics. Each workshop is designed to enhance creativity, problem-solving ability, and critical thinking skills. Available in a virtual format.

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Family Arts Nights: Bringing Parents and Kids Together Creatively

Family Arts Nights feature a 30-minute performance paired with a 50-minute hands-on art project. These multi-disciplinary events promote family bonding, parent engagement, and cultivate a positive school culture just by the sheer fun of doing something creative together. Family Arts Nights can be combined with other events like PTA fundraisers, celebrations, and organizational milestones.

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To bring enriching and memorable arts programs to your classroom, contact 

Keri Jhaveri, Professional Learning and Community Programs Manager, at

(619) 207-4503 ext. 119 or via email

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