Students integrate the art of pantomime with classroom lesson plans. Students who participate in this workshop learn the importance of and techniques involved in mime. Students will gain respect for the rich history of the theater, both as performers and theater-goers. Teachers and students will also explore and perform their own curriculum lesson plans by using the pantomime language vocabulary.


Grades: K-6 
Size: 1 classroom


Native American History
Learn about the tribal culture of the Kumeyaay/Digueno and Luiseno/Juaneno people. Discover what life was like for families living in San Diego County during different times in California history: Pre-Contact, the Spanish/Missions, Mexican/Ranchos and American/Reservations Periods. Students will learn that California Indians adapted through these periods and continue to be a part of today’s society. They will learn how geography and climate influenced the way various nations lived and adjusted to the natural environment, including locations of villages and how they obtained food, clothing, tools and utensils.


Grades: 3-5 
Size: 1 classroom



Akayaa Atule presents an energetic workshop of the traditional dances of Ghana that share the traditions and culture of her tribe, the FraFra people.

Grades: K-12
Size: 1 classroom




Master drummer and singer Akayaa Atule (uh KAH yah ah TOO lay), and Bolga Zohdoomah present a high-energy introduction to the Ghanaian Fra Fra tribal culture. In colorfully dressed costumes, the ensemble shows the significance of dance in the Ghanaian culture and demonstrates how both music and dance are used to express feelings and celebrate occasions. Students will increase their knowledge of Ghana through curriculum connections to Language Arts and Social Studies.


Grades: K-12


                                One           Two         Three

 Performances:     $625.00     $760.00     $870.00




Calling storytelling “a mantel which was draped around my shoulders,” Alyce Smith-Cooper introduces audiences to the world of African-American folklore through her vibrant words and expressive vocal technique. Alyce encourages students to explore their own personal stories and to ignite their own imagination, spontaneity and creativity. Students develop an awareness of a rich and colorful culture and learn to appreciate the magical world of the storyteller.STORIES OF THE UNDERGROUND RAILROADUsing the language of the period, Ms. Smith-Cooper, portrays Harriett Tubman who tells the story of the courageous people who traveled and conducted a system of escape routes used by African slaves as they made their way to freedom. This multimedia experience uses stories, songs, costumes and quilts. For an additional fee, renowned bassist Rob Thorsen adds musical accompaniment to Smith-Cooper’s rich storytelling.



Grades: K-12

                                One           Two          Three

 Performances:     $365.00     $475.00     $545.00



Teaching Themes: Contemporary dance, creative dance and movement, improvisation, choreography, kinesthetic learning (movement as a resource to aid curriculum learning), Laban based technique and fundamental skills, spatial architecture (moving in relationship to geometric forms, the body, others and environment), dynamics (effort qualities and layering of weight, time, space and flow)


Bio: I began dancing age three, with my training culminating in a BA Hons Degree at London Contemporary Dance School, England. I danced professionally for ten years with European contemporary dance companies and have additionally choreographed solo, duet and group work. My teaching practice grew out of my professional work and I have specialized in teaching children, youth, adults, teachers and dance professionals for seven years in Europe, Africa and America. I have undertaken a two-year professional development course in the practical application of Laban principles and this work informs and enriches my teaching practice with all age groups and levels. I have worked extensively with 5-11 year olds in schools, using dance to facilitate curriculum studies and nurture children’s creativity, self-expression, self-confidence, physicality and team working skills.


Amara Burkesmith’s dance classes incorporate movement exploration through the Language of Dance® approach (use of a dance notation system) and working intermodally through the use of Expressive Arts. Classes consist of creating individually, in small groups and as an entire class, leading to choreography that students can demonstrate during a final performance. Classes may also be thematic or linked to other curricular areas.​


Writer and Visual Artist 

Teaching Themes: Poetry (traditional and contemporary forms), Digital video production, digital photography


Bio: I’m currently a teaching artist with Arts for Learning San Diego and a doctoral candidate in Literature at UCSD. Before teaching and living in San Diego I was an artist in residence in Chicago public schools for Hands on Stanzas at the Poetry Center and at Urban Gateways. I have created digital video, digital photography and poetics seminars for high school and college students at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My own work has appeared or is forthcoming in:  Iowa Review, Seattle Review, Enizagam, Tinfish, Denver Quarterly, DIAGRAM and 580 Split. Theater


Shadow Puppetry

Iain Gunn of Animal Cracker Conspiracy reveals the ancient art of shadow puppetry in an exciting and imaginative workshop that will have teachers and students telling their own stories. We bring everything you need to craft shadow puppets, manipulate puppets and use simple theatrical conventions to create a dynamic experience.

Grades: K-6
Size: 1 classroom



Circus Hilarious

The story begins like any tall tale with unbelievable feats accomplished by an unlikely individual. Amelia Braveheart believes life is an unfolding adventure. She is determined to live life without limits. However, while flying across North America, an unexpected turn of events lands her—literally—in the circus. Geometry, physics and natural history all play a part in Amelia’s quest to continue on her journey. Amelia and her new friends learn to use confidence, creativity and collaboration to overcome obstacles and have the circus take flight.


Grades: K-6


                                One           Two          Three

 Performances:     $440.00     $570.00     $660.00


I Speak…ME!

This workshop combines dance and art to explore, share and recognize students’ vision of self and the world that we live in. Students create a self-portrait using line design. This vision is then explored through dance and connection to each other to celebrate diversity. Share and recognize the powerful voice that lives in you.

Grades: K-6
Size: 1 classroom


These workshops engage children through kinesthetic and playful activities involving dance, games, visual arts, videos and art-making. Each workshop investigates a different element of nature: air, water, fire and earth. The activity “web of life” gives students the knowledge that everything is connected. Children will learn the uses and importance of the chosen element, as well as identify the environmental problems related to it and articulate simple daily solutions for the problem. Students also make a quick art project to take home. 

Grades K-12
Size: 1 classroom



His engaging performances take his audiences of young and old on an adventure of the imagination, weaving a variety of traditional tales with music, movement and wild facial gestures to bring the characters and places to life. A few examples from his repertoire include: “Firedog” (Korea), “Rainbow Mudbabies” (Philippines), “Mr. Pepper Peel and the Parrot” (China), “The Bird of Happiness” (Tibet).





Asian Story Theater presents RAM-GIRL. This program tells two separate stories.  One is based on a Chinese parable about a sheep, a monkey and a chicken (rooster) who are competing with each other to win a race which turns out only be possible through collaboration.  The second, RAM-GIRL is also about a girl discovering her own identity through a special talent she has – painting in a powerful style.  Issues of prejudice and gender identity are explored.  The traditional Chinese symbol; associated with this year in the Lunar calendar is the same for sheep and goat.   The Year of the Ram (or Goat) is traditionally associated with individuals of unusual creativity and this performance will incorporate visual art created onstage – with the audience.


Available: MID- JANUARY through FEBRUARY 2015


Grades: K-6


                                One           Two         Three

 Performances:     $550.00     $720.00     $870.00




“Dance Elemental”

This one hour workshop focuses on one of the four elements of dance, time, space, energy or the body. Through dance concepts such as fast, slow, under, over, high and low, students can experience in movement the meaning of the word and deepen their understanding of the vocabulary. The workshop will focus on the vocabulary within a dance element that is appropriate to the grade level and teach fun movement games that can be used in the classroom.


Grades: K-2

Size: 1 classroom of 30




This lively trio of musicians explores with students the sights, sounds and sensations of the brass family of instruments, demonstrating a variety of music from medieval fanfares to the theme from Star Wars.


Grades: K-8



                                One           Two          Three

 Performances:      $520.00     $690.00     $775.00

Teaching Themes: Modern, hip hop, jazz, musical theatre, creative dance with an emphasis on leadership, Grades 2nd-12th


Becky (Bex) Hurt started dancing when she was 5 years old. She danced her way through school at San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts and graduated with honors in 1997. She went on to minor in dance at S.D.S.U. while she continued her training and performing with Unity Dance Ensemble from 1997-2004 under the direction of Tessandra Chavez. She has also trained with Culture Shock under the direction of Sherman Shoate (2010) and performed in Afta Shock under the direction of Trina Lyons (2009). She found Eveoke Dance Theatre in 2005 and soon joined their Concert Company, became a Master Teaching Artist and evolved as a Choreographer. She has performed in multiple shows in San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and went on tour in the Dominican Republic.
She had the honor of choreographing an original dance theatre piece for Eveoke Dance Theatre called REFUGE: 9 Ticks and a Boom with Myriam Lucas in 2011.  This production eventually played at the La Jolla Playhouse under the name of BREAK in 2012, winning a 2012 Bravo San Diego Dance Award.  Becky  now runs her own cardio hip hop company, teaches onsite classes and outreach for Malashock Dance, Arts for LEarning San Diego, San Diego Dance Works, and La Jolla Playhouse. She hopes to share the joy she finds in dance with as many people as possible!


Teaching Themes: Theater Skills, Improvisation/Character Building, Commedia Del Arte, Play Building

Bio: I got my start as a founding member of The San Diego Repertory Theatre and went on to a 30-year professional career with credits in live stage, film and television.  I have performed everything from solo work to Shakespeare with international stars including Cirque du Soleil and two academy award winners. I am a produced playwright, theatrical director and member of Actor’s Equity – Screen Actor’s Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. As a teacher I’ve created programs, plays, workshops and logged literally thousands of hours in various creative projects with students of all ages. More at


Through the unique instrumentation of classical guitar and vocals, double bass and tap dance that mimics the role of percussion, Besos de Coco (“coconut kisses”) examines rhythmic cultures from all over the world. The ensemble demonstrates and differentiates rhythmic and stylistic characteristics that define various musical genres. Experience improvisational jazz, classical waltz, Afro-Latin and Brazilian music, traditional Mexican music, Spanish flamenco, Argentinian tango and contemporary hip-hop rhythms. World language, visual/dance elements and musical techniques add to the international flavor of this assembly. Students are engaged through audience participation using body percussion, singing and “scatting”.


Grades: K-12


                                One           Two          Three

 Performances:     $520.00     $690.00     $775.00



Teaching Themes: Theatre for Human Development, Acting, Scene Study, Ensemble Building & Collaboration, Creating Original Theatre, Spoken Word/Poetry, & Storytelling,


Catherine Hanna is an Applied Theater Practitioner, which brings together her roles as a humanitarian, educator, performer and theater-maker. She has a Master's in Educational Theater from New York University and a BA in Sociology and International Development. She works as a freelance facilitator in various settings both nationally and internationally. Her work emphasizes performance-based methods for professional and personal development, education, cultural exchange, community building, storytelling and original theater performance-making. Catherine spent six years developing and directing a Teacher Exchange program in Uganda and started a girl's Art's for Empowerment program in Kibera, Kenya. As an artist, she often works collaboratively to create original performances designed around themes of reconciliation, connection and humanizing storytelling.



The five splendid musicians of Classic Brass present two enlightening and immensely entertaining shows about brass instruments for your students.



A lively musical journey through history. Students will sample a variety of music from the Italian Renaissance, to 18th century Europe, to the American diversity of Scott Joplin, Duke Ellington and John Phillip Sousa. Classic Brass engages students in demonstrating the history, construction and sounds of the tuba, trombone, French horn and trumpet. A memorable musical adventure.



A winter holiday favorite. Classic Brass shares the ethnic and cultural holiday music of Mexico, Russia, France, England and the United States in unique musical arrangements. They also give students an opportunity to sing along with well-known songs.


Grades: K-12


                                One           Two          Three

 Performances:     $670.00     $850.00     $975.00


Teaching Themes: Jazz, Tap


Bio: Claudia was inspired by dancers such as Bunny Briggs, Savion Glover, Chance Taylor, Dianne Walker, Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards, Mable Lee, Pam Thompson and others. Claudia has taught tap throughout southern California as well as in New York. She has had the privilege of dancing in prominent harlem jazz clubs such as Showmans, Lenox Lounge, and Minton's Playhouse; venues of historical significance in jazz culture. Claudia has performed at the Joyce Theatre, The Duke Theatre on 42nd Street, Nuyorican Poets Café, Dixon Place, Bowery Poetry Club, Swing 46, and various other night-clubs and theatres. Claudia has had the opportunity of performing in national dance festivals such as the Los Angeles Tap Festival, Tap City, and the Tap Extravaganza Flo/Bert Awards. As a well-rounded artist, Claudia worked as a soloist and choreographer for Michela Marino-Lerman's show Am+Bu$h+ED, worked with tap dancer Baakari Wilder from the broadway hit Bring In Da Noise Bring In Da Funk and has collaborated with playwright/spoken word artist Reg E. Gaines. Claudia has been a guest artist on San Diego jazz station 88.3 and was recently mentioned in the January 2008 issue of DANCE MAGAZINE. In addition to her vast experience in teaching, performing, and choreographing; Claudia currently works in San Diego with her own production company Groove On Tap! and is collaborating with vintage jazz dancer Giselle Anguizola under the production Olio, a new hit show in San Diego.



Teaching Themes: Brazilian Music and Rhythms, Brazilian Dance, Capoeira, Percussion, Music Introduction


Bio: At the same year that Claudia graduated in school with a BA in Psychology in 2003 back in Brazil, she also reached the instructor level in Capoeira, a Brazilian Art Form.
Working in Social Projects she realized how meaningful and efficient Capoeira and percussion could be as a tool in the healing process for children. After being accepted in a Master program in Milwaukee – WI – USA, she moved to USA. As soon as Claudia moved to California she passed in the audition to be part of a percussion group called CREW that plays on ordinarily objects – pots and pans, trash cans, brooms, buckets and so on – which the director is Chris Rubio, who toured with STOMP for several years. With this group Claudia performed in more 300 schools and theme parks around south California from the year of 2005 to 2007. Claudia has created her own performance group performing, Nos de Chitos, and performs both in professional venues and at schools. Claudia is a music-teaching artist for Arts for Learning San Diego and works with students K – 12.



Venezuelan Calypso!

This super high-energy fun workshop involves group, partner and individual movements! Images of colorful costumes, discussion about the region and its history accompany these beautiful dances brought to Venezuela by immigrants from Trinidad.


Grades 3-12

Size: 1 classroom



Natyam: Dance, Rhythm and Mime

Using the powerful language of Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical Dance), stories come alive through movement, rhythm and mime. Using hand gestures, facial expressions and movement set to intricate rhythmic patterns, students will experience the joy of dance theater in this engaging workshop.


Grades 3-10

Size: 1 classroom



Teaching Themes: Ballroom dance


A local to San Diego, Erica Buechner has been choreographing, teaching, and performing since 1999.  She attended San Diego State University where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and was named the Outstanding Graduate of the Year in Dance 2006.  In 2011, she was awarded with the Alumni To Watch Award from SDSU’s School of Music and Dance.  Erica obtained her MFA in Dance from Hollins University/American Dance Festival in 2013.  She has danced professionally with Mojalet Dance Collective, Eveoke Dance Theatre, Patricia Sandback and Dancers, Malashock Dance, The PGK Project, Opus Mixtus Post Jazz, and the Joe Alter Dance Group, among other individual choreographers.  She is the co-producer of youTurn Contemporary Arts Exhibition, an annual arts event, and is the director of Sound Dance Company.  In January of 2014, Erica was named by the San Diego Union-Tribune as an “2014 Artist to Watch”.  Most recently, she was selected to be a committee member for San Diego Dance Connect, a newly formed organization that aims to support the dance community in San Diego. She has taught for Arts for Learning San Diego, intermittently, since 2003.



Teaching Themes: Creative Movement (K-4th), Modern Dance (all ages), Hip Hop (all ages), Choreography and Composition (all ages), Improvisation for Dance & Theatre (all ages), Poetry & Dance (all ages), Creative Dramatics (K-4th), Acting (all ages), Scene Study (7-12th), Intermodal Expressive Arts (all ages)


Bio: Erika Malone received her B.A. in Theatre and Dance from Sarah Lawrence College and the British American Drama Academy in London, in 1998.  For ten years, Erika found her primary dance home at Eveoke Dance Theatre, a female-led activist company cultivating compassionate social action through performance, arts education, and community building.  She danced in Eveoke’s professional concert company (modern and hip hop) where notable roles included Maria Teresa Mirabal inLas Mariposas (La Jolla Playhouse and Tour to DR), Edith Frank in Soul of a Young Girl: Anne Frank’s Diary, Rachel Corrie inReflections, Holly Hobby in Monstropoly, and Half of One in Parting the Sea.   Erika served as the Arts Education Director at Eveoke from 2004-2010 and then as the Artistic Director from 2010-2012.  She facilitated the Eveoke Teacher Training Program for 6 years, working with over 50 young dancers to find and hone their teaching skills, voice, and vision.  In addition to working for Arts for Learning, Erika is currently a master teaching artist of dance & theatre for The Old Globe, Malashock Dance, A Reason to Survive (ARTS), and San Diego Junior Theatre, and the SDUSD VAPA Department.  Erika is in her last year of obtaining a Master's Degree in Expressive Arts Therapy from the European Graduate School (Switzerland) and the Expressive Arts Institute (San Diego).




Master storyteller Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo of Eth-Noh-Tec delights his audience with folk tales and myths from Asia: Korea, Japan, China, Tibet, Afghanistan and other Asian cultures. 



Bio: Faith Jensen- Ismay is the Artistic Director of Mojalet Dance Collective, a contemporary fusion dance company, that combines a wide variety of styles of dance, and strives to work with artist across different genres. She studied at Palomar College and SDSU where she later returned to join the faculty at both colleges, and also taught 10 years as adjunct for UCSD.  Currently, Faith is teaching at Mesa Community College, and for Arts for Learning San Diego. In 2008, she spearheaded the opening of The Vine Black Box Theater in Rancho Bernardo where they have developed Eclectic Expression Youth Programs, and Core Group Classes for adults. She has performed and toured her work domestically and internationally for over 20 years, developing strong collaborative relationships with music, dance, and visual art. Over the past 25 years of teaching in public and private institutions, Faith has developed tools for teachers that have been compiled into a DVD format to help teachers integrate movement into the classroom.





From the bluegrass fields of Kentucky, to Nashville’s Grand Ol’ Opry, to the movie “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” bluegrass music has for more than 60 years put smiles on people’s faces and set their feet tapping. Three skillful, genial musicians introduce this uniquely American music with style and authenticity. With able assistance from student volunteers (there’s a sing-along and a “strum-along”), the Grassology trio features a variety of toe-tapping songs and the hallmark bluegrass vocal harmonies played on five bluegrass instruments (guitar, fiddle, mandolin, 5-string banjo and string bass).


Grades: K-12


                                One           Two          Three

 Performances:     $550.00      $720.00     $845.00



Teaching Themes:  Creative Drama & Movement, Play Production, Improvisation, Playwriting, Technical Theatre, and Puppetry, K-12





Costumed in beautiful, traditional Japanese attire, these talented musicians will share with your students the classical instruments and music of Japan. The trio will introduce and demonstrate the six-foot long stringed koto, the shakuhachi (flute) and the banjo-like shamisen and play a variety of traditional and contemporary music. Students will participate by singing the beloved Japanese song, “Sakura.”


Grades: K-12


                                One           Two          Three

 Performances:     $520.00     $690.00     $775.00


FESTIVAL AMERICA — Students will learn and pTeaching Themes: General Music, Songwriting, Guitar, and Performance


Bio: I have a deep passion for music and sharing my love of music. I have recorded and released five CDs of my original music and have produced dozens of local artists and showcases. I hold a Bachelor’s degree and in History from Humboldt State University and a Master’s in History from San Diego State University. I have taught music and general music in San Diego Unified School District for ten years. I have worked with children and adults of all ages in other school districts and through a number of San Diego non-profit organizations including Arts for Learning San Diego, Synergy Art Foundation and St. Madeleine’s Sophie’s Center. It brings me great joy to pass along my love for music and creating to others. More information: Jefferson Jay, Sweet Information Records,


Jennifer’s primary focus is to create a dance class that is a positive, supportive and fun environment. A typical class includes a warm-up (students learn dance vocabulary and skills), introduction of the lesson of the day, exploration of the lesson through games, independent and small group assignments and a closing reflection dance. Among the themes for Jennifer’s residencies are Character Counts, Creative Conflict Prevention, Literacy-based Exploration, World Cultures, Hip-Hop and Choreography.​



Elementary Mime

Can your body tell a story without words? Sure it can! Jerry Hager provides a hands-on overview of the elements of mime including the history of the art of pantomime. Students will create solo, duo and group mime scenes and use “The Giving Tree” as a final exercise project. 


Grades: 3-6 

Size: 1 Classroom 



Feeding Your Imagination

Students collaborate with each other and are challenged to create new works while pulling from their “Sixth Sense” Imagination, using theater games, improvisation and storytelling exercises. Explore the lines between ideas and dreams and discover the process it takes to create a product whether it be in school or at home.


Grades: 3-6 

Size: 1 Classroom 


Mime: Storytelling Without Words
A collection of stories presented through the art of mime master artist Jerry Hager.  Artful, imaginative and fun...each performance is followed by a Q&A session allowing students to ask about the art form and the artist. 


Take your students on an adventure to discover, create and enjoy literacy! Jerry Hager uses Common Core elements to weave an entertaining approach to learning. Students become characters, problem-solve story plots and create scenes from a story. Grades K-3 explore a classic fable while creating new choices and dialogue for characters through student volunteers and audience participation. Grades 4-6 are enchanted by the use of a game show that rewards the school with imaginary points as students are challenged to come up with answers and choices for a familiar story. Teachers can use any or all of the exercises to create templates for classroom use as a tool to explore language arts and writing. 


Grades: K-6


                            One         Two         Three

 Performances:   $365.00   $475.00   $545.00


Theatrical Movement
This workshop introduces the discipline and “magic” of stage movement as a communication skill. Students will discover how to use their bodies to create character, employing tempo, range and gesture. This workshop can be tailored to any play or skit the class is studying. 


Grades: 6-12 
Size: 1 Classroom 

Theater/mime artist Jerry Hager offers a theater workshop designed specifically for your classroom.  Hager will collaborate with classroom teachers to present an interactive and participatory workshop that builds teamwork and nurtures imagination and creativity.  Basic acting skills, improvisation, mime, creative role-playing and theater vocabulary can be combined as an introduction to theater or for more in-depth learning.


Size: 1 classroom



Creative Movement and Active Literacy

Turn a classic book into an impromptu dance jam! Jessica Curiel focuses on English Language Arts Standards (concepts in print) and Visual and Performing Arts Standards (Creative Expression). The classroom teacher can choose from the following books: My Many Colored Days (Dr. Seuss) or The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Eric Carle).


Grades: K-2


Folk Dance Exploration

Learn and compare up to three folk dances (U.S., Mexico and Germany) to find similarities in the functions and executions of dance. This workshop boasts a Social Science focus on community and the human experience.


Grades: 1-2


Introduction to American Dance Forms:

The classroom teacher can choose from tap (learned in sneakers/school shoes), jazz, Hip Hop or contemporary movement styles. Jessica will briefly discuss the history of the form as well as lead the students through a traditional studio-style dance class and teach a short dance phrase. The music is contemporary and guaranteed to engage the students.


Grades: 3-5

Size: 1 classroom




Teaching Themes: Poetry, Composition, Performance Skills

Bio: Jim Hornsby has been an artist in residence teaching poetry with Arts for Learning San Diego since 2005.  Jim was an original member and coordinator of San Diego's Langston Hughes Poetry Circle and a board member of African American Writers & Artists. Mr. Hornsby was also the director of the Encanto Boys and Girls Club Children's Poetry Choir and the Language Arts teacher at the All Tribes American Indian Charter School on Rincon Reservation. He serves on the Advisory Board of the Poetic Medicine Institute of Palo Alto, California.  Since August of 2005 to July of 2013 he served as the Poet-In-Residence for the Juvenile Court & Community Schools where he taught poetry workshops for at-risk youth in lockups and community schools. 63 of his students have been published in the Inbetween Places newsletter. 6 of his students have won first place awards in a countywide Poetry for Peace contest sponsored by the San Diego Peace Resource Center. As Jim Moreno, he has self-published Dancing in Dissent: Poetry For Activism (Dolphin Calling Press, 2007) and two CD's of poetry. His poetry has been published in The San Diego Poetry Annual, The Langston Hughes Poetry Anthology, the poetry conspiracy, City Works, The Magee Park Poetry Anthology, and others. Jim won first place for nonfiction in the Living Authors Society's inaugural writing contest in 1994.


Hip Hop—Where’d You Get that 
Flip Flop!

A one hour poetry and performance skills workshop with a 20/20/20 formula: 20 minute prompt, 20 minutes of writing and 20 minutes of reading. This workshop actively engages your students’ imagination and literacy skills.


Grades: 5-12
Size: 1 classroom


Teaching Themes: Hip Hop


FESTIVAL AMERICA — Students will learn and perform dramatic and light-hearted excerpts from great American speeches, important writings along with historic documents and events. The excerpts will be enlivened by the students’ performance of memorable and inspiring patriotic and classic American songs from differenteras. A minimum of nine weeks is required to prepare and rehearse.


BROADWAY BOUND — By learning and performing celebrated Broadway classics, students will frame a new perspective on history and literature in this integrated performance project. The residency combines age-appropriate scene study, choreographed musical numbers and hands-on experience with sound and lighting. Students examine how theatre reflects the attitudes, styles, literature, musical tastes and historical context of its time. This residency provides an opportunity for students to expand self-confidence, self-discipline and augment their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. All rehearsals and performances include live accompaniment and costumes will be provided.


Teaching Themes: Children’s music, Multicultural music, Vocal music, Instrumental music, Rhythm instruments, Beginning music theory and history through songs, Story telling related to music, Core subjects integrated into music lessons.


Bio: I’ve been a music-teaching artist since 1991 in 4 SD area school districts and have led children’s music groups that performed at local venues including Balboa Park’s December Nights and with San Diego Youth Symphony. I come from four generations that taught both in the classroom and in music. I have a California Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential form SDSU and a post-grad Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development Certificate from USD. I developed and initiated a new yearlong general music program in an elementary school and a school band at another. I have extensive experience teaching English Language Learners and special education. I play many instruments, have performed on several stringed instruments, played the violin in the Redlands Symphony and other groups including our family orchestra, and sang in the Long Beach Forty-Niner Chorus and other choirs.



Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo laces his collection of Filipino stories with the music, folk dances and mask parade costume of the Southern Filipino Kulintang gong music culture. This music-focused program is complete with an interactive format, introducing fascinating stories, dances and music in a way that is sure to excite and inform audiences of several traditional indigenous performance cultures.Available: February 4-6, 2015




                                One           Two          Three

 Performances:     $475.00     $775.00     $1000.00




Colorful costumes enliven this inspiring assembly featuring the ceremonial and court dances of Korea. Beginning with a brief introduction of Korea and its people, the troupe presents an exciting array of music and dance that features “The Flower Crown Dance” (a typical court dance), the “BukChum” drum dance with five drums and the “Buchae Chum” fan dance. These thrilling dances are presented using suspended drums and traditional music played on authentic Far Eastern instruments such as the KaYaKum (a 1,500 year old string instrument).


Grades: K-12


                                One           Two           Three

 Performances:       N/A        $1,075.00    $1,550.00


Born in Greece, Krystina perfoms and creates art in San Diego. Her classes explore the creative dance vocabulary (space, time, energy) and dance technique. She encourages students to develop their own creative movement and learn the structure of choreography. Students’ choreography themes are chosen by the students or the classroom teacher: literacy (poetry, folktales, etc.), history, Science Moves! (from environment to matter), modern dance and more.




Dancer and Visual Artist
Teaching Themes: Dance (Creative Movement, Brazilian Samba, Hip Hop)
Visual Arts (drawing, collage illustration, multi-media)


Bio: Life-time arts lover and long-time arts educator, Leo Francisco (BA Visual Arts, UCSD) is passionate about the possibilities of the arts as ways for students to creatively explore, represent, and deepen their learning experiences. Leo is a resident artist with Arts for Learning San Diego, teaching dance and visual arts classes in San Diego, National City, Chula Vista, and South Bay school districts. As a CoTA artist he provides teachers professional development, instructing educators on how to incorporate the arts into classroom lessons. For 10 years, he led the Mission Valley YMCA’s Outreach Dance program, bringing hip-hop and cultural dance activities to Linda Vista-area elementary schools. A former Director of Dance for Super Sonic Samba School, Leo performed Brazilian dance on stages from San Diego to San Francisco, as well as those in Ensenada, Mexico and Salvador, Brazil. Outside of his teaching experiences, Leo has produced comic books, animated films, and videos.



Story People Dolls
In this art workshop, Lynn Dewart, M.A., internationally recognized visual artist, introduces students to the historical, anthropological, educational, personal and multi-cultural context of the multi-functional roles of a broader world view of dolls. Students create and a 3-dimensional “Story Person” from various materials from cloth, rubber bands, painted cloth, found or natural objects. The project helps to embed positive identity, build self-confidence and further communication, creativity and critical thinking.


Grades: K-12
Size: 1 classroom
Cost: $150 (includes supplies)




The Story Basket: What's in the Story Basket? 
Using a basket filled with toys, puppets, handcrafts, cultural and historical artifacts, Marilyn shares stories, riddles, rhymes and ideas triggered by the objects. Students contribute ideas, opinions, memories. Students will learn several simple stories to tell to family and friends and (with prior arrangement) may create personal "story vines" to facilitate story sharing. Programs can focus on specific topics or areas of study.


Grades: 4-8 One classroom

Creating Personal Stories:
Using specific examples, Marilyn demonstrates what goes into an excellent personal anecdote. Includes interactive exercises on beginnings-middles-endings, word choice, similes and metaphors, lively language, establishing the point of the story and more. Great introduction to a successful writing experience.


Grades: 2-6 Up to three classrooms

Topics include: Medieval, Renaissance, Colonial, Pioneer/Westward Expansion and California history, myths and folktales. Also character building stories emphasizing kindness, sharing, courage and responsibility.


The Storyteller's Art

Using her magical voice, Marilyn McPhie will unleash your students’ imaginations and inspire their own creativity and appreciation for storytelling. Her extensive repertoire of exuberant tall tales encourages the development of positive values, often giving young listeners an important moral in many of her stories.Marilyn’s programs provide an excellent enrichment tool to support literacy and reading. She can tailor an assembly for your specific teaching curriculum. Topics include animals, myths and legends, the Gold Rush, Colonial Times, the Renaissance, Irish tales, Westward Movement, Stories of the Pacific Rim, Earth Tales (care of the environment, recycling) and so much more!!!


Grades: K-12

                                One           Two          Three

 Performances:     $365.00     $475.00     $545.00


Carnaval-Caribbean percussion

This workshop led by Mark Lamson, world music and percussion master, explores the celebratory music and culture that revolves around the colorful and vibrant celebration of “Carnaval”. Explore and perform the rhythms of Nigeria, Cuba, Brazil and New Orleans. 

Grades 3-6
Size: 1 classroom


Teaching Themes: Visual Arts (drawing), Mixed Media, Collage 
Performance Art


Bio: Michael has a BA in Fine Arts from San Diego State University and holds Single Subject (Art), Supplemental English and Multiple Subjects California teaching credentials.  He is currently Senior Artist for City Heights Art Lanes for Kids and Director/Instructor for the Bayside Settlement House Performing Arts Program, exploring social issues with children and young people through theatre games, play writing and improvisation.  Michael also leads the Lemon Grove Middle School Drama Club and the Normal Heights Community Center Performing Arts Program.  Michael received The Publication magazine' visual arts award for 1998 and recently presented his solo performance/theater piece "Looking for Tom" at Sushi Performance & Visual Arts and Eveoke Dance Theatre.  Michael is currently curating an art show for Ray@Night at obrArchitecture.




This interactive program explores the relationship between sports and dance.  Mojalet Dance Collective presents parallels and uses athletic movements and gestures as sources of artistic expression. The high-energy dances feature movements inspired by a range of sports and martial arts. 



Dancing Through The Pages uses literature and language as inspiration for dance inspired by some concepts from School House Rock. Stories, poems, picture books and novels inspire creative movement designed to entertain while we educate.



Mojalet Dance Collective explores opera music through playful dances, witty movement and colorful costumes while sharing fun facts and trivia about the “boot” country. This program features the music of Mozart and a variety of work performed by famous tenors including Mario Lanza and Luciano Pavarotti.


Grades: K-12


                                One           Two         Three

 Performances:     $670.00     $850.00     $975.00



This assembly provides a fascinating look into the world of music in popular movies and television.  From Bambi to Star Wars to Harry Potter, the music we hear and recognize can make us feel scared, sad, sad or happy.   Hear timeless songs and learn how music can change how you feel while watching what’s up on the big screen.




                                One           Two          Three

 Performances:     $550.00     $720.00     $870.00






Mime, clowning, music, juggling and student participation combine in a kaleidoscope of skits to encourage and promote reading. Jerry Hager is the mischief making Mr. K and Larry Keough as Stu Mulligan sings, plays his guitar and juggles with nimble skill. An excellent program to celebrate Read Across America or for any literacy-based program.



With plenty of audience participation, poems leap off the printed page and come to life on stage through mime, music and the spoken word. Grades K-3, Mr. K and Stu Mulligan show how simple nursery rhymes can become theatre. Grades 4-6, the assembly features the duo’s original verse and the poetry of authors such as Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky, named the 2006 Children’s Poet Laureate by the Poetry Foundation. This assembly will leave students eager to read more poetry and create their own poems.



Mr. K is making a lot of bad choices and it’s up to Stu Mulligan to get him on the right track!  Stu and Mr. K. use magic, mime, poetry, juggling and storytelling to help students make healthy choices to improve their lives like a balanced diet, exercise and saying no to drugs. An ideal assembly for Red Ribbon Week!



Singing birds, flying frogs, storytelling and audience participation all blend together in this creative assembly featuring puppets with positive messages for students. This assembly can be tailored to specific topics including literacy and good citizenship.



Grades: K-6




Nos de Chita (knows-day-cheetah) presents the colorful and fascinating rhythm and dance of Brazil. Nos de Chita means “we who wear Chita” or “knots made out of Chita” which is the colorful fabric used by Brazilians as both clothing and decoration. This energetic assembly demonstrates various forms of Brazilian rhythm and movement such as Coco, Cacuria and Maracutu and the skill and agility of Capoeira. This assembly includes storytelling and student participation utilizing body percussion and sing-along.


Grades: K-12


                                One           Two         Three

 Performances:     $520.00     $690.00    $775.00





In this interactive multicultural assembly, students see and hear a variety of drums and percussion instruments from around the world. Each instrument is played and some of the historical and cultural aspects of the instruments are illustrated. Basic music concepts such as call and response, the role of the conductor in an orchestra and musical meter are demonstrated.


Grades: K-6


                                One           Two          Three

 Performances:     $365.00     $475.00     $545.00




Peter McBride presents your group or school with the music, stories, folktales and novelty songs that have been handed down from generation to generation! This talented singer and songwriter can bring the campfire experience to the auditorium or, with his over 30 years of teaching experience, make it a time of learning about literature and music—your choice. Either way, children realize they can discover the history behind the stories and songs of a lifetime at their school, local library, bookstore, and online, as they leave the assembly singing old favorites like “John Jacob” or  “This Land is Your Land!”


Grades: K-5


                                One           Two          Three

 Performances:     $365.00     $475.00     $545.00



Teaching Themes: Theatre Arts, Improvisation, Story Creation, Shakespeare, Playwriting, K-12


Rachael VanWormer is an actor, playwright, and teaching artist.  She has taught with The Playwrights Project, North Coast Repertory Theatre, The San Diego Shakespeare Society, North County School of the Arts, and Arts for Learning San Diego.  As an actor she has appeared on local stages for the last twelve years, including Intrepid Shakespeare, North Coast Repertory Theatre, The San Diego Repertory Theatre, Diversioany Theatre, ion Theatre, Moxie Theatre, Cygnet Theatre, and New Village Arts.  Her plays have been produced by The Fritz Theatre and The Playwrights Project, as well as several self-produced workshop readings and productions.




Led by bassist Rob Thorsen, this high energy jazz quartet leads you through a history of jazz music in America. Beginning with early New Orleans jazz, the group demonstrates various styles including swing, bebop, latin, funk and more. The program features the songs, composers and rhythms that make jazz what it is today. An interactive performance sure to entertain and educate students and teachers alike, the concert includes demonstrations of the different instruments, the role each instrument plays in the group, improvisation demonstrations, and a brief Q&A forum.

Title 1 Schools: Call 619-282-7599 x114 to ask about special KSDS Jazz 88.3 discount program rates


Grades: K-6


                                One           Two          Three




Shakespeare: The Rude Mechanicals
An interactive and participatory program in which the students perform the hilarious “rude mechanicals” play within a play from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. All scripts, props; costumes and music provided. And students will learn to hurl Elizabethan insults! 


Grades: 7-12 
Size: 1 Classroom 
Cost: 1 workshop = $180 
Each additional = $140


High Energy Shakespeare

Question: How is Shakespeare like great TV?
Answer: Romance, violence, poetry, passion, action, humor, music and interesting characters! 


Acclaimed local actor Ron Punit Auerbacher will astonish, delight, amuse, provoke, exhilarate, and challenge your students to prove his point that Shakespeare did not write his plays to torture students, but like contemporary script writers, to entertain audiences and make money. A variety of famous monologues will be performed, interspersed with descriptions contrasting and comparing Elizabethan society to our own. HIGH ENERGY SHAKESPEARE will blow away the barriers of old-fashioned and boring! 


Grades: 7-12 
Size: 1 or 2 Classrooms 
Cost: 1 workshop = $180 
Each additional = $140


This workshop introduces students to the cultural dances from Africa preserved in Cuba. Students will learn how dance reflects what is important to a community (work, celebration and praise) while drawing attention to how dancers use elements of dance, time, space and energy to express meaning. Dances include: Babaluaye, an Arará harvesting dance,Conga, a carnaval celebration dance and Yemaya, a Yoruba praise dance for the Ocean mother.

Grades: 3-5
Size: 1 classroom






With exquisitely beautiful costumes and narration, Samahan Philippine American Performing Arts Academy presents the traditional music and dance of the Philippines. Students see and learn about the beautiful tribal dances in the North, the grace and mysticism of the Muslim south, the rural dance of the peasants in the central islands and the colorful and exotic Spanish influenced Maria Clara dances.


Grades: K-12


                             One        Two         Three

 Performances:     N/A     $720.00      $895.00



Choose from either program: 


Enhance literacy through dance! Either of these performances presented by San Diego Ballet gives students a behind-the-scenes peek into a ballet class that reveals the history of the ballet, demonstrations of basic ballet vocabulary and the elements of choreography and movement. This award-winning dance company then presents either the whimsicalAesop’s Fables with its exciting selection of contemporary and classical music or excerpts from the delightful seasonal classic The Nutcracker.


Grades: K-6 (Aesop’s Fables) January - March 2015

Grades: K-12 (The Nutcracker) November & December 2014


                                One           Two         Three

 Performances:     $590.00     $760.00     N/A



“Calaveras” Masks
In a one-hour workshop, San Diego Guild of Puppetry demonstrates the art of making paper skeleton masks using construction paper. In the Hispanic culture these masks are not viewed as frightening but as a joyful sign of rebirth and a celebration of the ongoing cycle of life.


“Butterfly Rod Puppets” 
These small paper puppets represent the spirit of the ancestors returning to their homes to celebrate the holidays. An excellent way to celebrate the migration of the Monarch butterflies from Mexico to Canada. 


Grades: K-6 Size: 1 classroom
Cost: 1 workshop = $215 plus $25 materials 
Each additional workshop = $195
1-hour workshop
Available in English and Spanish

An introduction to the history, traditions and the use of masks in world cultures and in modern day society. Students can create a construction paper or file folder mask and learn the basics of mask manipulation. 


Grades: K-12 

Size: 1 classroom
Cost: 1 workshop = $215 plus $25 materials 
Each additional workshop = $195
Elementary: 1-hour workshop
90 minutes suggested for middle and high school students: 
Cost: 1 workshop = $295 
Each additional workshop = $195
For a larger groups, there is an extra fee for an additional artist.
Available in English and Spanish


Teaching Themes: Portraits, Drawing from Nature, Painting, Collage, Pastels, Mixed Media


Sarah began her career as a fifth grade teacher, leaving the classroom in 2006 to spend more time in her studio. The Teaching Artist field has allowed Sarah to blend her two passions in a refreshing and dynamic way, and she regularly coaches new teaching artists and classroom teachers, empowering them to facilitate art making in their own contexts. Sarah has been focusing on portraiture for several years, and strives to bring whatever she is learning in her studio into the classroom, and vice versa.


Currently, Sarah is working on a series inspired by interviews with women in transition. The abstracted portraits blend botanical drawing and the female form, telling the stories of these women through the lens of our ever-changing natural world. Sarah regularly brings in finished work and works in progress for the students to view and discuss. Students learn skills that make portraiture and drawing nature accessible to them, such as basic drawing techniques, advanced observation skills, gesture drawing, and communicating thoughts and emotions through line, shape, texture, and color choices. Making art is a life-long learning process, and Sarah emphasizes telling stories through art over making pretty, realistic pictures. Students have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of media, including watercolor, tempera and acrylic, chalk and oil pastels, torn paper collage, and modeling clay. Sarah is also beginning to experiment with finding and creating multi-sensory environments in which to display student work, as well as her own.


“DuBois writes straight from the heart, giving the listener an intimate view into her innermost truth. With courage, she holds back nothing and presents us with the beauty of a divinely channeled love experience. 

DuBois’ original style has been evolving since she began singing at the tender age of 3 and she credits her wide variety of influences, ranging from Joan Armatrading to Jon Anderson and Joni Mitchell and Betty Carter to Billie Holiday. When not performing Traditional Jazz, she’s singing her originals with all her heart.  She calls her style Evolutionary Jazz.

DuBois holds a BA from San Diego State University and studied vocal performance at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. 

She has been teaching the History and Evolution of Jazz to children from kindergarten age through high school for the past 5 years with non-profit organization SoCal Jazz Society (Co-Executive Director and Teaching Artist) and is currently a Teaching Artist with Arts For Learning, San Diego.”


History and Evolution of Jazz Music

In 1984, under the leadership of Representative John Conyers, Jazz Music was deemed a National Treasure. It is DuBois’ passion to keep this tradition of music alive by reaching out to students of all ages.   Her program touches on geography (the slave trade and the great jazz migration) science (sound), history (of not just Jazz but comparing where all instruments used in jazz music come from), social studies and of course music and music theory! Children will perform several pieces of jazz music as well as an original blues song at a performance at the end of the session. They will be accompanied by professional jazz musicians.





The diverse cultures of Brazil are showcased by the exuberant music of Sol e Mar. These three highly gifted musicians showcase the African-influenced rhythms of Brazil and Cuba in a highly interactive and very engaging assembly program. Audiences participate by clapping and dancing while learning about the history and the sounds of the percussion instruments that make the music of “Carnaval” so fascinating!


Grades: K-12


                                One           Two          Three

 Performances:     $550.00      $720.00     $845.00


Teaching Themes: All dance styles, all ages


Spencer Smith has been performing professionally on the stage and screen since the age of 8 years old.  Most recently, Spencer completed the North American National Tour of West Side Story, where he played the principle role of Bernardo.  Recent credits include San Diego Repertory Theater’s ‘In the Heights’, where Spencer was nominated for the distinguished 2014 Craig Noel Award’s ‘Outstanding Featured Performance Male’ for his portrayal of Graffiti Pete.  As a performer in his youth, Spencer has accumulated a number of television and theater credits, in addition to nationally recognized titles including: U.S. National Pro/Am Latin Dance Champion, U.S. Junior Swing Dance Champion and United States Junior Latin Champion.  Spencer continues to perform, choreograph, and teach for a number of distinguished theaters including the San Diego Opera, Los Angeles Opera, San Diego Rep, and La Jolla Playhouse to name a few.  Spencer earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama and Dance from the University of California Irvine.


Teaching Themes: Painting, Drawing, Photography, Mixed Media, Mural, Sculpture, Environmental Art, Installation, Art History, Set Design


Bio: Stacie Birky Greene earned degrees in Studio Art and Art History from the University of Kentucky, studying painting, photography, sculpture, and ceramics. She has always had a passion for art: she took lessons as a child, and in addition to her degree programs she pursued further training at the Art Institute of Chicago and in Florence, Italy. Her works range from drawings, paintings, and photography to mixed-media and installations, and she has been a prolific exhibitor around the San Diego region, including the San Diego Museum of Art, where she will take part in the program “Summer Break 2013.” Ms. Birky Greene has taught art and art history to children and adults since 1996 and has been with Arts for Learning since 2006. She has led a myriad of project-oriented programs, including murals, installations; theatrical set design, workshops, and in-school residencies.




(teh AH troh MAHS skuh ruh MAH hee cah)



This swaggering one-act play by award-winning Chicano playwright Luis Valdez uses comedy and satire to explore issues of racism, ethnic stereotypes, cultural heritage and identity. Following the 25-minute play, the actors meet with the student audiences to discuss the play’s themes and how theatre has helped the actors overcome obstacles and set new personal goals for their lives.


Grades: 7-12

                                One           Two          Three

 Performances:     $720.00     $920.00       N/A


Teaching Themes: Improvisation, Live Performance, Video Production

Bio: Trisha has been teaching Theatre Arts in classroom and afterschool programs for the last 25 years.  She specializes in Improvisation and Live Performance, with some skill in the area of video production.  She has worked for Young Audience of St. Louis and San Diego, as well as over 15 years in the Fullerton School District with their "All the Arts for All the Kids" program.  She loves to integrate classroom curricula with her lessons and her main goal is to bring out student's own confidence, creativity and "outside the box" thinking.



Teaching Themes: Creative Dance, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Choreography and Composition, Large & Small Group Productions


Bio: Viviana Alcazar has danced in several hip hop companies such as Funkanometry, and Mavyn. She graduated from California State Long Beach with a B.A in Dance where she studied Modern, Ballet and Composition. Viviana has created original pieces shown at American College Dance Festival Association in Missoula, Sushi 4x4, 2009 Celebrate Dance Festival, 2010 Brand Library Series in Los Angeles, 2012 Vine Summer Dance Series, and 2012 & 2013 “San Diego Dances.” Viviana is currently a company member of the PGK Project in which she has performed locally, nationally, and internationally. Other performances include Malashock Raw 2, Jean Issacs' Trolley Dances, guest work with Maria Gillespie of Oni Dance, original works by Gabe Masson, Somebodies Dance, Blythe Barton Dance, Youturn 2013, Outreach Dance for Make a Wish, and San Diego Voices with AMRD and dancers. Viviana is currently a Dance Teaching Artist for Arts for Learning San Diego, San Diego Unified School District, San Diego Danceworks, and owner of Heart2art offering Dance training and education in San Diego. Viviana was awarded 2012 Teaching Artist of the Year.

For more details about scheduling an assembly, workshop, or Family Arts Night after school, contact Program Manager Sherrie Brown at 619/282-7599 ext. 114.


For more details about scheduling a residency program, contact Residency Program Manager, Erika Malone at 619/282-7599 ext. 116.

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