Board of Directors


Jamey Murphy (2019)

Executive Assistant at San Diego Community College District, U.S. Navy Veteran with 20 years of experience in administrative management.

Immediate Past President/Treasurer

Peter Gust (2017)

Chief Financial Officer, Sapphire Vacation Services & Resort Recovery Solutions


Barbara H. Garcia (2014)

National School District, Language Arts Specialist Retired.



Olivia Gil-Guevara (2019)

Nonprofit Consultant with an emphasis in fundraising projects


Teresa Drew (2019)

Associate Director of STEM Next Opportunity Fund 

Artist Representatives:


Dirk Koman (2019)

Professional Teaching Artist


Kanna Burch (2019)

Professional Teaching Artist

N. B.: 100% of board members contribute financially in support of Arts for Learning San Diego

Honorary Board Members

Dr. Joyce Gattas (Chair)

Ron & Reina Bolles

Julie Dubick

Colleen Finnegan

Ronne Froman

Robert Gleason

Jill Hall

Hilliard Harper

Dea Hurston

Mel Katz
Jessie Knight

Kris Michell

Dr. Terry O'Donnell

Sandy Perlatti

Patti Roscoe

Felicia Shaw

Nancy Spector

Cathy Stephenson

Alan Ziter

Are you interested in becoming an Honorary Board Member?  Please contact Adrienne Valencia, Interim Executive Director at (619) 550-3068 or for more information!

National Advisory Committee

Emanuel Ax
Van Cliburn
Garth Fagan
Leon Fleisher
Claude Frank
Richard Goode
Gary Graffman

Lorin Hollander
Celeste Holm
Yo-Yo Ma
Wynton Marsalis
Zubin Mehta
Arthur Mitchell
Murray Perahia

Itzhak Perlman
Shirley Ririe
Peter Serkin
Leonard Slatkin
Richard Stoltzman
Michael Tilson

Deborah Voigt
Charles Wadsworth
Susan Wadsworth
Andre Watts
Pinchas Zukerman

Arts for Learning San Diego 

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Tel: 619.282.7599

Arts for Learning San Diego is a nonprofit organization classified under the IRS code 501(c)(3) 

Federal Tax ID: 95-2464304