Arts Intervention

Helping Students Find Solutions to the Challenges They Face So They Can Succeed in School and in Life 

Students participating in this program learn to use the arts as a resource for self-expression and to build skills that help them regulate their social and emotional needs. This trauma-informed, multi-disciplinary approach is delivered by Expressive Arts Therapists trained in five art forms: dance, music, theater, visual and literary arts.


Students of all ages will learn:

  • Effective communication and respectful self-expression

  • How to build healthy relationships and collaboration

  • Positive self-image and identity

  • Responsible empowerment

  • Problem solving and follow through

To learn more, contact Keri Jhaveri, Professional Learning Programs Manager at

(619) 282-7599, ext. 119 or via email at

“I’ve learned that I am very active, and that I’m lovable. When I write my feelings down it feels good,
and it’s helpful to tell others about it. When I get mad at the other students, I can calm down now.”

-Student Testimonial, Arts Intervention Program, Freese Elementary

“I’ve noticed that our daughter is more talkative with us. She seems to be more cheerful, more
outgoing. She is learning to express herself through the arts intervention program.”

-Parent Testimonial, Arts Intervention Program, Freese Elementary

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